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GHC 6.10 for Arch Linux

Vesa Kaihlavirta has moved GHC 6.10 from [testing] into [extra], so Arch now ships with GHC 6.10 out of the box. Also out of the box comes:

So you can immediately get into full haskell development mode.

The AUR package suite has been updated to play well with 6.10, and the most used AUR packages will continue to move into the binary packaging of the [community] repository.

The AUR packages have an advantage over cabal-install of having C libraries resolved to native packages, and they’ve been checked to build on Arch.

Happy hacking!

LLVM Haskell bindings

Bryan O’Sullivan and Lennart Augustsson’s high level LLVM bindings for Haskell are now packaged up nicely, making it super easy to drive LLVM from Haskell on Arch.

To read more about these bindings, check out the authors’ blog posts:

HDBC: Haskell database suite: updated

HDBC, John Goerzon’s industrial strength database suite for Haskell has been updated in Arch. You can now get the latest versions of:

This library is the one described in the book “Real World Haskell”.

New Haskell web framework: salvia and orchid

Sebastiaan Visser’s new Haskell web framework, salvia, and its accompanying wiki framework, orchid, are now packaged for Arch.

salvia is a lightweight web framework, with extensive documentation.

Darcs now auto-packaged for Arch

Since darcs, the world’s smartest revision control system, has become cabalised, and released via, we’re now able to generate native packages from it automatically, using cabal2arch. This eases the maintaince burden dramatically, and should ensure continued up-to-date darcs packages for Arch.

The auto-packaged package is here.

Enjoy the revision control!

Haskell releases growing

Releases to hackage per day since its launch in January 2007

Releases to hackage per day since its launch in January 2007

The arch-haskell team is trying to track releases of working code from, with the goal to always provide a comprehensive Haskell development environment for the distro (we’re doing ok, 680 packages out of the 850 packages on hackage currently.

Recently its been getting a bit hectic, as hackage has appeared to go into overtime. To work out what was happening, I wrote a little program using the gnuplot bindings to graph each days uploads since Hackage went live.

We see a spike of Haskell releases around the original release, a spike a bit over a year ago when ghc 6.8.x came out (and everything broke :) and a broader surge in releases over the last 200 days..

I think that means something good is happening. Perhaps cabal-install is finally making its way to the masses?

pugs now available for Arch Linux, with ghc 6.10 support

A new release of pugs, the world’s first Perl 6 implementation, has occured, and the Arch Linux packages for Pugs have been updated to build with both ghc 6.8.x and ghc 6.10 (now in the [testing] repository).

$ pugs
 /   __ 
    /  __  __  ______  ______     (P)erl 6
      __// / /  __ /  ___    (U)ser's
      /   _   /  ___     (G)olfing
     __   ____/ ____ /_____  (S)ystem
     /__/   /___/  /___/ /____/
                       /____/            Version:
                       /___/    Copyright 2005-2008, The Pugs Contributors
 Web:           Email: 

Welcome to Pugs -- Perl6 User's Golfing System
Type :h for help.

Loading Prelude... done.
pugs> 1 + 2

The main changes required were to the haskell-pugs-compat, haskell-pugs-drift and haskell-hssyck 0.44-2 packages to add “–constraint=’base<4′” to ensure they built with the correct base version.

Enjoy the distro packages for your favorite Haskell applications.

gitit now supported in Arch Linux

gitit is a new kind of wiki, by John MacFarlane, based on git + pandoc + happs, and written in Haskell. The entire wiki may be edited either online, or offline via git.

The complete gitit system is now packaged for Arch, thanks to full HAppS support, and you can get it here. Hopefully we’ll see yet more HAppS-based web apps to follow, now they’re easy to distribute.

happs now supported in AUR

The downgrade of HaXml to 1.13 allows us to finally build the HAppS web framework in AUR.HAppS is now fully supported in Arch, as you can see.

HApps is a web framework for Haskell, (a la Ruby on Rails),

A web framework for developers to prototype quickly, deploy painlessly, scale massively, operate reliably, and change easily

So bring on the Haskell web apps!