Arch Haskell News: Sep 20 2008

A weekly update of Haskell in Arch Linux.

Arch now has 576 Haskell packages in AUR.

New and updated packages this week

  • only:”A grep-like tool for filtering on words or lines.”
  • graphviz:”GraphViz wrapper for Haskell”
  • hmpf:”Haskell binding to MPFR library”
  • protocol-buffers:”Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications”
  • control-event:”Event scheduling system.”
  • emgm:”Extensible and Modular Generics for the Masses”
  • hray:”Haskell raytracer”
  • xhtml:”An XHTML combinator library”
  • cgi:”A library for writing CGI programs”
  • heap:”Heaps in Haskell”
  • fungen:”FUNctional Game ENgine”
  • hstats:”Statistical Computing in Haskell”
  • vec:”Fixed-length lists and low-dimensional linear algebra.”
  • terminfo:”Haskell bindings to the terminfo library.”
  • fckeditor:”Server-Side Integration for FCKeditor”
  • hpodder:”Podcast Aggregator (downloader)”
  • darcs-monitor:”Darcs repository monitor (sends email)”
  • haxr:”XML-RPC client and server library.”
  • happs-tutorial:”A HAppS Tutorial that is is own demo”
  • happs-server:”Web related tools and services.”
  • happs-ixset:””
  • happs-state:”Event-based distributed state.”
  • syb-with-class:”Scrap Your Boilerplate With Class”
  • twidge:”Unix Command-Line Twitter and Identica Client”
  • parsec:”Monadic parser combinators”
  • missingh:”Large utility library”
  • pandoc:”Conversion between markup formats”
  • libmpd:”An MPD client library.”

For more information about Haskell on Arch Linux, see the wiki page, or join us online, on IRC, #arch-haskell @ freenode.


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