Monthly Archives: November 2008

gitit now supported in Arch Linux

gitit is a new kind of wiki, by John MacFarlane, based on git + pandoc + happs, and written in Haskell. The entire wiki may be edited either online, or offline via git.

The complete gitit system is now packaged for Arch, thanks to full HAppS support, and you can get it here. Hopefully we’ll see yet more HAppS-based web apps to follow, now they’re easy to distribute.


Arch Haskell News: Nov 02 2008

A weekly update of Haskell in Arch Linux.

Arch now has 672 Haskell packages in AUR.

That’s an increase of 33 new packages in the last 14 days. Growth appears to be holding steady at just over 2 new packages a day on Hackage in October.


New and updated packages this week

For more information about Haskell on Arch Linux, see the wiki page, or join us online, on IRC, #arch-haskell @ freenode.