Arch Haskell News: Feb 07 2009

A regular update of Haskell in Arch Linux

Arch now has 899 Haskell packages in AUR.

That’s an increase of 35 new packages in the last 13 days, or 2.4 new Haskell apps a day. Well done everyone! Here’s the 90 day moving average of releases on

The Arch Haskell Team maintains the Haskell toolchain on Arch Linux. You can join us in #arch-haskell on, or on the mailing list.


3 responses to “Arch Haskell News: Feb 07 2009

  1. Hey man,

    I appreciate your work is all good stuff, but I think it’s taking too much room on Planet Archlinux. Could you keep the number of posts down please? or maybe only have a subset be included in the planet? I have nothing against haskell but there are other things too.

  2. There was a bit of a clump of posts today, as many things got updated. Typically there’s only two small posts a week… The problem appears to be more that there is no one else regularly writing on Planet Arch…

  3. yes, you’re right about that. I was just commenting based on my experience having to sort through haskell posts to get more diversity. but it’s no big deal, and your posts do probably get quite a few people interested.

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