Arch Haskell News: June 30 2009

Another update, since there was a bit of a package backlog.

Hackage now has 1395 (+130) Haskell packages, of which 1222 (+113) (87.6%) have been natively packaged for Arch in AUR. All these packages are available via AUR, using the “yaourt” tool.

The full log of updates and new packages is available here.

Notable Updates

Dozens of other packages have been added as well. Interestingly, a handful of new Haskell games have been published.


One response to “Arch Haskell News: June 30 2009

  1. Great work. Though it’s worth pointing out that installing haskell-network is a recipe for trouble at the moment, since the pre-compiled version of haskell-http (in community) is compiled against the version of network shipped with GHC.

    This type of situation ought to go away once haskell-platform takes on its full role.

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