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Arch Haskell News: July 25 2009

Hackage now has 1443 (+48) Haskell packages, of which 1266 (+44) (87.7%) have been natively packaged for Arch in AUR. All these packages are available via AUR, using the “yaourt” tool.

Read the full list of updates.

Notable Updates

There were some quite significant new apps, and libraries this month.


bloxorz: an OpenGL Logic Game written in Haskell

Bloxorz is a fun OpenGL-based logic game written in Haskell. On a 2 dimensional board, your goal is to flip the block until it reaches the hole.  Here’s a demo:

You can play with it on Arch Linux via:

    $ yaourt bloxorz

On other systems

    $ cabal install bloxorz

A background to the project is written up here.