Automated Package Tracking for Arch Haskell

It’s a lot of work managing the Haskell packages for Arch Linux. We use the principle of automating all parts of the packaging process, and rely on cabal to give us good metadata about our packages. However, over time we end up with packages generated for Arch using old versions of tools, or gaps in coverage.

In order to ensure consistent, high quality packages, we’ve been building a programmatic interface to AUR and Hackage, to automate checking of package sanity.

You can find:

With the new AUR package linter tool it should be easier to ensure all those Haskell packages are building and working as desired.


2 responses to “Automated Package Tracking for Arch Haskell

  1. After testing Arch Linux in VirtualBox for a short while, I’m planning to migrate from Ubuntu to Arch ^^ Thanks for the work you’ve put into keeping Arch especially Haskell friendly!

  2. Great to hear about new Haskell development in Arch…

    It would be wonderful to get haskell’s version of yaourt which, at least here, shows signs of old age after pacman-3.3. :-/


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