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GHC 6.10 for Arch Linux

Vesa Kaihlavirta has moved GHC 6.10 from [testing] into [extra], so Arch now ships with GHC 6.10 out of the box. Also out of the box comes:

So you can immediately get into full haskell development mode.

The AUR package suite has been updated to play well with 6.10, and the most used AUR packages will continue to move into the binary packaging of the [community] repository.

The AUR packages have an advantage over cabal-install of having C libraries resolved to native packages, and they’ve been checked to build on Arch.

Happy hacking!


Arch Haskell News: Jan 11 2009

A regular update of Haskell in Arch Linux.

Welcome to the first Arch Haskell News of 2009.

Arch now has 827 Haskell packages in AUR.

That’s an increase of 93 new packages in the last 48 days, or 1.9 new Haskell apps and libraries a day over the holiday season. Well done everyone!.


New and updated packages

The Arch Haskell Team maintains the Haskell toolchain on Arch Linux. You can join us in #arch-haskell on, or on the mailing list.

LLVM Haskell bindings

Bryan O’Sullivan and Lennart Augustsson’s high level LLVM bindings for Haskell are now packaged up nicely, making it super easy to drive LLVM from Haskell on Arch.

To read more about these bindings, check out the authors’ blog posts:

HDBC: Haskell database suite: updated

HDBC, John Goerzon’s industrial strength database suite for Haskell has been updated in Arch. You can now get the latest versions of:

This library is the one described in the book “Real World Haskell”.

New Haskell web framework: salvia and orchid

Sebastiaan Visser’s new Haskell web framework, salvia, and its accompanying wiki framework, orchid, are now packaged for Arch.

salvia is a lightweight web framework, with extensive documentation.

Arch Haskell News: Nov 23 2008

A weekly update of Haskell in Arch Linux.

Arch now has 734 Haskell packages in AUR.

That’s an increase of 29 new packages in the last 8 days! Double the normal package rate, and 3.6 new Haskell releases per day.


New and updated packages this week

LHC: Lemmih’s Haskell Compiler

Arch now has another Haskell compiler!

LHC is a new Haskell compiler which aims to produce the most efficient programs possible via whole program analysis and other optimizations.It is a fork of JHC, to support the cabal build system, which lets us automatically package it for distros like Arch.