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happstack 0.4: A scalable framework for developing web applications in Haskell

´╗┐Happstack is the Haskell Application Server Stack. It is a scalable framework for developing web applications, similar in purpose to Django, RoR, Turbogears, Grails, Seaside. happstack powers patch-tag.com and gitit.net and you can use it to beat the Arc Challenge. The latest release of happstack is now available in Arch, via AUR, and features a built-in HTTP server, built-in ´╗┐persistant data store, many ways to do templating, a rich EDSL for designing requests and responses, and easy integration with an external database, or webserver.

All the packages are here:

To get started with happstack, you can work through Real World Happstack.


happstack: a refreshingly innovative web application server

Happstack is a refreshingly innovative web application server written in Haskell. Leveraging the MACID state system, Happstack offers robust and scalable data access without the headache of managing a traditional RDBMS such as MySQL.

The first release was this week. You can now get AUR packages for it:

You can follow the emergence of Happstack in these posts,

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  5. Happstack 0.1 Released (one day early!)

patch-tag.com is already running on it.

Arch Haskell News: Nov 15 2008

A weekly update of Haskell in Arch Linux.

Arch now has 705 Haskell packages in AUR.

That’s an increase of (again) 33 new packages in the last 14 days. Growth appears to be holding steady at just over 2 new packages a day on Hackage in the first part of November.


    New and updated packages this week

    happs now supported in AUR

    The downgrade of HaXml to 1.13 allows us to finally build the HAppS web framework in AUR.HAppS is now fully supported in Arch, as you can see.

    HApps is a web framework for Haskell, (a la Ruby on Rails),

    A web framework for developers to prototype quickly, deploy painlessly, scale massively, operate reliably, and change easily

    So bring on the Haskell web apps!